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GPA Membership Newsfeed: GPA News

Day for GPA 2017 Raises Over $10,000

Wednesday, December 20, 2017  
Posted by: Angela Pruitt
Thank you for your generous donation of funds and/ or time! Gifts such as yours will allow GPA to update some technology in the office, will help the Political Action Committee advocate for professional and public interest issues, and will facilitate the Foundation in educational efforts for psychologists, students, and the public.
You have made it possible for GPA to pursue our mission and objectives in the coming year. Thank you again!
$5,000 (Publicized Goal)
$10,000 (Internal Goal)
Foundation - $5,785.00
PAC - $1,351.00
General Fund - $2,930.00
Total Donations - $10,066.00
Andrea Miller, PhD
Beth Seidel, PsyD
Betsy Gard, PhD
Cheryl Rhodes, MS/ GPA Past Presidents
Frank Harbin, PhD
Gayle Spears, PhD
Joni Prince, PhD
Marilyn Vickers, PhD
Michael Rose, PhD
Nancy McGarrah, PhD
Peter Thomas, PhD
Ren Massy, PhD
Rick Blue, PhD ABPP
William Flanagan, PhD
Decia Dixon, PhD
Dora Soublis, PhD
Howard Drutman, PhD
Judy Wolman, PhD
Kamieka Gabriel, PhD
Nicholas Hume, PhD
Rachel Keiran, PsyD
Rebecca Beaton, PhD
Sherri Bornstein, PhD
Adriana Flores, PhD
Alexandra Phipps, PhD
Andrea Burgio-Murphy, PhD
Ann Abramowitz, PhD
Daniel Rogers, PhD
Deauna Webb, PsyD
Diane Sykes, PsyD
Eileen Cooley, PhD
Eleanor McMahan, PhD
James Jones, PhD
Jennifer Jones, PsyD
Jennifer Kelly, PhD, ABPP
Jennifer Smith, PsyD
Joanne Peeler, PhD
John Lutz, PhD
Kensa Gunter, PsyD
Laura Dilly, PhD
Lesley Ward, PhD
Ligia Latiff-Bolet, PhD
Nancy Weisman, PhD
Shital Gaitonde, PhD
Stephanie Leedy-Ellis, PhD
Steve Perlow, PhD
Susan Laird, PhD
Theodore Goetz, PhD
Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman, PhD
Timothy Aycock, PhD
Amy Han Dietrich
Andrew Adelman, PhD
Gail Bell, PhD
Lori Muskat, PhD
Congratulations to our raffle winners:
Donors- Andrea Burgio-Murphy, Beth Seidel and Steven Perlow.
Volunteers- Daniel Rogers, Eleanor McMahan, Drew Adelman and
Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman