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EPPP-2 Update

Tuesday, January 21, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Hannah Steinberg

Dr. Laura Dilly, GPA President, and Dr. Mike Rose, GPA Board of Examiners Liaison, attended the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists meeting on December 20, 2019 for the public hearing regarding the licensure rules and the addition of the EPPP-2 to the requirements. GPAGS had prepared a statement below for the Board of Examiners requesting that the Georgia postpone adopting the EPPP-2. The Board of Examiners considered the GPAGS request and also heard from Dr. Matt Turner with ASPPB. The Georgia Board of Examiners voted to amend the licensure rule to require the EPPP-2 for anyone who applies for licensure after November 1, 2020. 


Laura Dilly, PhD, ABPP, NCSP
Board Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Georgia Psychological Association President


To: The Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists
From: The Georgia Psychological Association of Graduate Students

Georgia Psychological Association of Graduate Students Position Statement on the EPPP 2

Recently, the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists has considered becoming an
early adopter of the “Enhanced Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology”
(Enhanced EPPP; EPPP Part 2). There are many concerns that have been voiced on a national
level regarding the EPPP Part 2 by primary stakeholders including graduate students, early-tolate career psychologists, educators, and members of APA governance. Some of the primary
concerns include barriers to licensure, inequitable pass rates for marginalized applicants,
mobility concerns, reason for an additional exam, and cost of the exam.

The Georgia Psychological Association of Graduate Students (GPAGS) shares these concerns
and does not believe that the EPPP Part 2 is in the best interest of Georgia consumers for the
following reasons:

 Lack of a proven necessity for the additional examination. While ASPPB has stated
some reasons for creating an additional exam, there is ongoing concern by training
groups regarding the need for another exam, given the comprehensive requirements of
APA Accredited Doctoral Psychology programs and the competencies they ensure each
graduate student meets. There are questions regarding the need to use yet another
exam that places considerable burden and responsibility on new graduates in order to
prove competencies that have already been approved by their APA Accredited

 Considerable concerns related to the examination design’s ability to assess skills and
thus potentially providing negligible consumer protections. Because the EPPP Part 2
exam has yet to be subjected to a broader validation process, there is concern that a
standardized examination would accurately assess the functional skills necessary for
independent practice. For instance, it lacks the several types of validity evidence,
including both accuracy and appropriateness indices (Callahan, Bell, Davila, et al., 2019).
Without the fuller involvement of psychological experts, and peer review, the
development process for the Part 2 exam is less sophisticated and comprehensive than
similar undertakings in other health care professions.

 The lack of validation may differentially affects historically underrepresented and
socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Further, there is a lack of information
regarding the pass rates for test takers who have sat for the original EPPP and who hold
a number of marginalized identities (Sharpless and Barber, 2013). From the information
we do have, there is considerable concern regarding ethnic minority pass rates, and
ongoing questions regarding this future Enhanced EPPP (Part 1 + Part 2) exam and pass
rates for test takers with marginalized identities. 

 The additional examination’s further costs and burden on prospective licensees, While
there has been a plan for minimal reduction in fees for states that agree to require the
EPPP Part 2 exam, the total cost for both the EPPP Exams after beta testing will be $900-
$1050 (depending on the testing date). This fee does not include preparation materials.
We remain concerned about how this may impact the decision to come into the field, as
well as the mounting financial burdens associated with becoming a psychologist (Doran,
Kraha, Marks, Ameen, El-Ghoroury, 2016).

 The additional examination’s creation of new barriers to licensure and potentially
detrimental impact on access to psychological services to Georgia consumers.
Variations in the requirements for the EPPP Part 2 across states is likely to negatively
influence psychologists’ professional mobility. This may deter psychologists from moving
to Georgia and may particularly affect service in rural communities that already struggle
to have enough qualified mental health professionals to provide sufficient care.
GPAGS recommends the following:

  1. that the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists refrain from adopting the
    Enhanced EPPP.
  2. that the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists closely monitor future
    developments including emerging data regarding the EPPP Part 2. Specifically, we ask the Board
    to request from ASPPB data to substantiate the need for the EPPP Part 2 as well as evidence of
    its effectiveness in reliably and validly assessing relevant skills and competence. The ASPPB
    should be required to make data on the EPPP Part 2 data public to allow for independent
    research and validation. These data should be used in considering the costs and benefits of
    potentially adopting the EPPP Part 2 in the future.
  3.  that the cost of the examination be further examined to alleviate financial burden on
    students, postdocs, and ECPs with limited resources.

We are thankful for your time and consideration, and we look forward to your response.

Stephen Fogleman, PhD, GPAGS Chair
Shawntell Pace, MEd, Chair-Elect
Sharlene Fernandes, MA, Secretary
Ecclesia Holmes, MS, Advocacy Chair
Mary Fernandes, MA, Liason
Callahan, Jennifer & Bell, Debora & Davila, Joanne & Johnson, Sheri & Strauman, Timothy &
Yee, Cindy. (2019). The Enhanced Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology: A Viable
Approach?. 10.1037/amp0000586.