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2017 Cenpatico Updates

GPA members,

The Georgia Psychological Association has received communications regarding recoupment requests from Cenpatico. Please help GPA by filling out the form below. This webpage will provide 1) updates on GPA's activity in regard to this issue and 2) resources that may assist psychologists in individually handling the issue.

GPA Activities Regarding the Cenpatico Recoupment Issue:

  • March 27, 2017:
    • GPA began receiving emails and phone calls concerning large amounts of money owed to Cenpatico.
  • March 28, 2017:
    • Dr. Kyle Raque sent emails on behalf of GPA to the administrators of Cenpatico expressing concerns.  He also reached out to Representative Pat Gardner to inform her of the issue.
    • Dr. Kyle Raque suggested GPA members contact their State representatives and senators expressing their concern.  A sample letter is provided below.
    • GPA lobbyists are contacting the Cenpatico lobbyist.

Example Letter:

Dear Representative                         :

A number of psychologists in Georgia have received a letter from Cenpatico asking us to make large paybacks due to their own billing error from months past.  A summary is as follows:

Over a year ago, Cenpatico would not accept claims for our behavioral health services.  We were informed that in order to get paid we would need to include a U-modifier, which basically denotes the level of provider degree and in-office location.  All psychologists began to use these modifiers until Cenpatico suddenly stopped paying us.  Upon calling to investigate why; psychologists were informed that we should no longer include the modifiers, which we promptly stopped using in order to get paid.  Fast forward to present, and Cenpatico is now saying that we were previously wrong to use the modifiers and that we now owe them money back, because they paid us at a higher rate.  From talking with other psychologists, it sounds like the amounts vary.  However, I see very few Cenpatico clients (due to my region), and I owe around $500; so, I can only imagine what others owe.  I was told from our Centpatico representative that some providers owe as much as $50,000.

I have sent an email to the CEO and other administration officials with Cenpatico and let them know that I have also informed you.  As always, thank you for your help in supporting psychologists in Georgia. 



Help GPA by Filling Out the Below Tracking Form.


The Georgia Psychological Association has received communications regarding Cenpatico recoupments requested from Georgia psychologists. Please supply the following information in order to better assist us communicate the concerns of Georgia psychologists to Cenpatico and other relevant organizations/entities.