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Legislative Success for GPA

This page is under construction. If you have items to add to this list (that GPA contributed to), please email Amy Dietrich at

1980: "Treating and diagnosing mental illness" added to scope of practice

1982: Mental Health Parity

1983: Psychologists gain hospital privileges

1988: Psychologists authorized to sign 1013 (involuntary commitment)

1991: Full inclusion in mental health code

1992: Neuropsychology added to scope of practice

1993: Rules define psychological testing in law

1996: Psychologists can write orders for nurses in hospitals

1996: First prescribing class begins

1997: Mental health parity improved

1999: Maintained "best interest of the child" in child custody law

1999: Patient protection right to appeal managed care decision

2001: Authorization to provide involuntary evaluations for the court

2003: Amicus Brief submitted on Child Abuse Reporting

2016: Psychological testing defined in law

2019: PSYPACT passes in Georgia Legislature