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A Day for GPA- 2019




Ann McNeer, PhD
Betsy Gard, PhD
Barbara Calhoon, PhD
Cal VanderPlate, PhD, ABPP
Marilyn Vickers, PhD
Michael Rose, PhD
Nancy McGarrah, PhD
Peter Thomas, PhD
V. Gayle Spears, PhD
William Flanagan, PhD



Alaycia Reid, PhD
Andrea Miller, PhD
Beth Seidel, PsyD
Brandon Register, PhD
Brita Reed, PsyD, MD
Dora Soublis, PhD
Janet Cox, PhD
Jennifer Steiner, PhD
Joni Prince, PhD
Josh Spitalnck, PhD, ABPP
Kamieka Gabriel, PhD
Laura Dilly, PhD
Rabia Subhani, PsyD
Ren Massey, PhD
Rick Blue, PhD, ABPP
Steven Perlow, PhD
Thomas Freeman, PsyD


Abby Friedman, PhD
AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
Adriana Flores, PhD
Ann Abramowitz, PhD
Anna Williams, PhD, ABPP
Becky Beaton, PhD
Carla Moore
Daniel Rogers, PhD
Elaine Thomas, PsyD
Eleanor McMahan, PhD
Frank Harbin, PhD
Gerald Henderson
Heather Hopper, PhD
Howard Drutman, PhD
Jean-Maurice Hernandez, PhD
Jennifer Kelly, PhD
Jennifer Smith, PsyDJerald Gottlieb, PhD
Joan Miller, PhD
Kathryn Bryan, PhD
Kyle Raque, PsyD
Leah Farrell-Carnahan, PhD
Leonard Mather, PhD
Louis McLeod, PhDMarc Weinstein, PhD
Mayra Ortiz, PsyD
Michael Johns, PsyD
Nancy Dilly
Nicholas Hume, PhD
Philip DuBose, Jr., PsyD
Rachel Kieran, PsyD
Rachel Waford, PhD
Sandra C. Lewis, PhD
Shayne Abelkop,
Shital Gaitonde, PhD
Stanley Hibbs, PhD
Stephen Garber, PhD
Theodore Goetz, PhD
Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman, PhD
William Talmadge, PhD
Winston Dill, JD, PhD, PsyD, DNP


Anne Imhoff, PhD
Aynsley Corbett, PsyD
Beverly Brooks, PhD
Brian Apple, PsyD
Candice Claiborne, PhD
Christine Hall, PhD
Connie Hill, PhD
Courtney Crooks, PhD
Decia Dixon, PhD
Drue Barrett, PhD
Eileen Cooley, PhD
Jennifer Dean, PhD
Joanne Peeler, PhD
John McCormack, PhD
Jordan Cattie, PhD
Judy Wolman, PhD
Kensa Gunter, PsyD
Melissa Lang, PhD, NCSP
Michele Frey, PhD
Michelle Casimir, PsyD
Montserrat Graves, PhD
Nathan Butzen, PsyD
Neha Khorana, PhD
Pamela Dorsett, PhD
Saori Maruyama, PhD
Sara Mahan, PhD
Speshal Gautier, PhD
Staci Bratcher, MBA
Stephanie Leedy-Ellis, PhD
Susan Laird, PhD
Timothy Aycock, PhD
Whatley Fenlon, PhD
William Henderson, PhD
Zachary Friedman, PsyD

Final amount donated: $16,013









Frequently Asked Questions


How can I donate?

  • Online: Click here.
  • Hard Copy: Fax or Mail: Click here for the Microsoft Word Form and here for the PDF Form.
    To be counted as a Day for GPA contribution, your donation must be postmarked by October 31, 2019.
    Mail to: Georgia Psychological Association, 13 Corporate Blvd NE, STE 220, Atlanta, GA 30329
    Fax to: (404) 634-8230


I want to make sure my gift is counted toward the final Day for GPA totals. How can I make sure this happens?

Make your gift by 11:59pm on October 31, 2019. 


Who can participate in a Day for GPA?

Anyone can participate (members, non-members, businesses, employers, friends, etc.) However, businesses can only donate to the General Fund or the Georgia Psychological Foundation.


Where does my gift go?

You can choose to donate your gift to the Georgia Psychological Foundation, Political Action Committee (PAC) or the GPA General Fund. If you do not choose a particular category to donate to, it will be contributed to the GPA General Fund. Give to the fund(s) that means the most to you. 


Is making a gift online safe?

Absolutely. All payments will be processed using a secure online donation form.


Is my gift tax deductible?

Gifts to the Georgia Psychological Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
GPA Political Action Committee and General Fund contributions are not tax- deductible.


How will I know if I won a raffle item?

GPA will contact all raffle winners by November 12, 2019 via email.