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GPA Member Testimonials

We wants to hear about your GPA experience! 

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William F. Doverspike, PhD, ABPP:

"I first joined GPA 35 years ago to pay my dues as a new beneficiary of what GPA had already done for my future career. GPA had just successfully advocated for new state laws that provided access to psychologists under health insurance plans (1972) and created freedom of choice of providers without physician referral (1976). Because I practiced in hospitals, I wanted to serve in an organization that would pave the roads for other psychologists entering the field, so I became more active in GPA as our organization advocated for legislation that added diagnosis and treatment of mental and nervous disorders to the statutory definition of psychologist (1980) and then later helped pass state laws providing for hospital privileges for health service provider psychologists (1983). As GPA’s successful legislative efforts have continued over the years, I have remained a member because GPA is the professional home of my most respected colleagues. I’m biased: Whenever I meet a new psychologist and learn that he or she is a GPA member, then I know this colleague is helping to pave the way for the next generation. It just all comes around to where I began: I benefit from the experience and wisdom of my older colleagues, and I enjoy the energy and vision of my younger colleagues in GPA."


Jennifer Kelly, PhD:

"The state psychological association is where the rubber meets the road. That's what directly impacts me. What happens on the state level directly affects me, what happens in my professional practice and my ability to make a living. If I had to choose between membership in APA and GPA there is no comparison...GPA would be first, without a doubt."


William L. Buchanan, PhD, ABPP:

"First, GPA is the only way psychologists in Georgia can systematically work to change Georgia law to enhance our practice and benefit our patients. APA can’t do that (not on a state level) and psychologists on our own can’t do that. GPA has successfully lobbied to transform the Psychology "title protection act” to a "practice act,” provide psychologists conducting custody evaluations immunity from frivolous lawsuits, allow psychologists to evaluate for danger to self or others (sign 1013, 1014 and 1021), establish a "point of service” law in Georgia, add the definition of "neuropsychology” to our law, allow psychologists to have admitting privileges in GA hospitals, and allow psychologists to write orders in GA hospitals (and authorize nurses to implement our written orders)...just to name a few of the laws passed over the last several years.

GPA does a great job of providing high quality continuing education workshops and conferences. They make it easy to get the required CE hours. Also, GPA is a great way to network and stay in touch with my fellow psychologists throughout the state. Finally, the Association is a great way to stay informed on what is happening in Georgia that effects the practice of psychology, whether it is legislation, court cases, insurance regulations, licensure rule changes or standards of care issues. GPA provides invaluable services that aren’t available anywhere else."


Rabia Subhani-Siddique, PsyD:


"I feel that it is very important to be a part of an organization that represents our profession and fights for our rights. The work done by people in GPA benefits all psychologists in Georgia so it is up to us to keep it a healthy viable association. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues with whom to collaborate and socialize!"


Nancy McGarrah PhD:

"I live outside of Atlanta and to be professionally involved in GPA helps me to be connected with other psychologists, both on a personal and professional level." --Barbara Calhoun PhD "It's the place I go for profession affiliation, education, and to collaborate on legislative efforts to protect the profession of psychology."


Maria Jay, MA (Student):

"As a graduate student, GPA has been an excellent resource to connect with students as well as practicing psychologists in all stages of their careers. It has also been a great opportunity to be a part of important changes going on in our profession.”


Robin Casey, PsyD:

"Being a member of GPA helps me feel connected to my profession. It’s given me opportunities to form relationships with other psychologists, enhance my leadership skills, and finds ways to stay involved in various committees. I also proudly support an organization that works hard for psychologists on the state level!”


Rick Blue, PhD:

"GPA membership is a 'must' if you are a Psychologist in Georgia because it is the professional organization for us. Without GPA, we have limited power and it allows us to unite behind our profession. I have gotten so much over the twenty years that I have been a member and I always look forward to socializing with my colleagues. I think it is a great organization."



Heather Hopper, PhD:

"Thank you Jim, Steve, and GPA members who have thus far participated in the APAPO letter to the Department of Labor, HHS, and Treasury regarding Humana’s draconian rate cut. I just received the memo with the update. I had no idea they were trying this across eight states. It was lovely timing, receiving this reminder today of why I am a GPA and APA member."






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